Our Whiskey company based at Lakeview Estate

- Wayward Irish Spirits -


is a reconnection with the O'Connell family's historic business - since 1450 - of importing wines & spirits into Kerry (not always legally!)


Our Liberator range has become the name in Port cask finished Irish Whiskeys, with our insistence on sourcing only the freshest quality casks direct from the Quintas. (The name celebrates the legacy of our famous forebear, Daniel O'Connell, 'The Liberator' who campaigned for the rights of the Irish - and all oppressed people - but, for the first time, using only peaceful means).


Alongside this, we grow our own barley on the Estate that is - rare for Ireland also matured here to become Lakeview Single Estate Whiskey. This is truly the spirit of our land, our home of 900 years. Our changeable weather produces a Whiskey of character and quality that has amazed tasters with its maturity at a young age.


We are able to offer VVIP experiences for small groups or larger tastings on or offsite.


Another possibility is a special bottling to mark your event.


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A: Fossa, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland
M: +44 7956 317030
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